TMC to hold a conference on Gandhian values and secularism on January 30 —The death anniversary of the Mahatma.

Mr. Vasan said that the attempts by Hindutva groups to project Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse as a patriot and undermine the legacy of the Mahatma forced him to organise the conference. “The TMC’s view is that praising a person like Godse will hurt the very idea of India,” he said. In December, the former Union Shipping Minister came down heavily on the BJP for its failure to condemn organisations that were hailing Godse and were involved in provocative activities such as reconversion.

In a scathing attack, he said the Hindutva groups were emboldened by the BJP’s ascension to power though the party fought the elections on the development plank.
Even in Tamil Nadu, what’s happening should worry those committed to secularism

TMC will hold a conference on Gandhian values secularism on January 30, in which the two Left parties are all set to participate
The idea was solely to retrieve Gandhi at a time, when his killer was being valorised by the current dispensation, with like-minded secular parties. “Ten days ago, a parliamentarian said a statue for Godse should be erected. There was a similar call for setting up a statue for Godse in Erode. The fact that such a call was even made in a State like Tamil Nadu should shock us all,” he said.

On the sugarcane support price announced by the government on Thursday, he said it was a huge disappointment to farmers. While farmers had demanded Rs.3,500 tonne, the government’s support price of Rs.2,650 indicated anti-farmer attitude of the governments both at the Centre and in the State.

On the performance of Modi government, he said the government that came to power on the promise of development had only left people disappointed.