There is always a means of appeal to reach a finality if there is any doubt in the verdict, Tamil Maanila Congress leader and former Union Minister G.K. Vasan has said.

Referring to the unfolding denouement in the Jayalalithaa appeal verdict delivered by the Karnataka High Court and the “error” in the calculations, Mr. Vasan told The Hindu here on Wednesday that it is Karnataka that should decide on the appeal. On the political side, Mr. Vasan said that “those with the prosecution” want to go till the last in their effort to get the doubts cleared.

While many Opposition parties were voicing their demands for appeal “from a different political platform,” the TMC was of the opinion that the High Court verdict must be seen from a legal perspective and not from the political angle.

On the return of a batch of Sri Lankan refugees, Mr. Vasan said that the Sri Lankan government must ensure their safety and provide the means for their livelihood.

Welcoming the move to refer the Land Acquisition Bill to the Joint Select Committee of Parliament, Mr. Vasan said that the Centre must have done that much earlier.

He termed the Centre’s rejection of the Dr. Meenakumari Report on marine resource management activities as a decisive victory for the fishermen all over the country and the Centre must now move swiftly to protect fishermen’s rights.

Mr. Vasan urged the Railway Ministry not to levy excess fare for summer special train services as that would pinch the common man called for collection of regular fare from the travellers.